Who is Michael Posner and Why You Should Care

Michael Posner is a deputy in the State Department and he apologized to China for the new Arizona immigration law. Assistant Secretary of State, under Hillary Clinton.

Really. I can barely breath.

Michelle Malkin outlines his many liberal connections. Jim Hoft says it is a new low for the Obama administration.

Moe Lane points out that Sarah Palin is asking the same questions of our Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Jon Huntsman, about the fiasco and shedding light on the incredible depth of crap-weaselry in our very own State Department.

Every week the Obama HopeNChange gets worse. Where are the real men? The Americans with fire in their belly and a love for liberty?

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America.” – Henry Clay

Don’t Know Much About the Law

but can I run for office anyway?

These clowns all hold offices, high offices in fact, that require a certain amount of bandwidth regarding legal understanding and the subsequent ability to think logically. Heh. William Jacobson, who is a real lawyer:

We are being led by ideologues who are willfully ignorant of the legal topics about which they do not hesitate to opine. These people lack a simple inquisitiveness of the mind on topics about which they already have made up their minds.

AG Holder, who dazzled us with his brilliance the other day with his “radical Islam” speech impediment is again mesmerizing in his ability to NOT READ legislation he is commenting on. Or do his homework:

…the Obama administration has yet to withdraw a Bush-era memo that acknowledges the authority of states to do exactly what the Arizona law mandates.

Barack Obama has been in office for sixteen months. Eric Holder has been AG for almost as long, being one of the first Cabinet members confirmed by the Senate after Obama assumed office. During the transition, both men promised to “hit the ground running,” which should have meant a review of policy positions across the board. Immigration reform was a key agenda item for Obama and the Democrats — and yet no one at the DoJ or the White House apparently thought to withdraw this memo. That speaks volumes about competence.

What an amazing individual. No wonder the Liar-in-Chief hired him.

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