Dr. Thomas Hendricks, Call Your Service

Watch this well done video by Dr. Daniel Cox (sorry it won’t embed). That’s ok, I’ll wait.

Going Galt: When Will Surgeons Say Enough is Enough? from Daniel Cox on Vimeo.

I like the part about denying surgical care to lawyers until some level of tort reform is achieved.

Smitty weighs in,

One surmises that the Democratic strategy is to rely on the American non-attention span, hoping that the people will just ‘kind of forget’ the whole mess in time for November.

I doubt that will happen.

It’s Good to be King

Obama, in his royal Won-ness, can pick and choose who he speaks to.

But not the lonely girl at the dance:

Actually, this relationship is the definition of co-dependency, isn’t it?

But not the one left at the altar:

Or, perhaps the press is Miss Havisham, their emotional clocks stopped on the Inaugural day, their house tumbling about them as they drag about unsteadily, with one foot unshod, their pretty cake uneaten. Having been fooled by Obama Compeyson, they haul their heavy train of regret about them and grow bitter.

But not the orphan asking, “Please sir, can I have some more?” (or just one?):

This was all clearly foreshadowed during the campaign when Obama whined, “Guys, I mean come on. I just answered like eight questions.”

In addition, he can pick and choose which friends/enemies to side with. Too bad it isn’t the one that elected him.

Charles Krauthammer nailed it yesterday, “Obama refuses to stand up for his own country.”

Some think he is channeling the Evil Genius; however the thought of Pressed-Obama-Ham-Under-Glass is enough to make some folks lose their lunch.

But he can (and will) do everything in his power to shut up those who disagree; Constitution be damned.

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