Graduation, T – 4 and Counting

In honor of my baby’s impending graduation, here’s a little secret you may not have garnered from my posts about him.

He loves soccer. He eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes soccer. He’s played on little feet and club and varsity and indoor and 5v5 teams. He plays soccer video games. He referees soccer. He probably dreams about soccer. He’s played soccer since he could practically walk and hopes to play in college. He loves soccer.

So for my boy, here’s a peep of the World Cup craziness that will reign his life (and our house) in June.

(Gleefully swiped from Trog, who called Ronaldo ‘…the guy at the end…’ Oh, the sacrilege…)

Replace Them with What?

So asked Admiral Thad Allen, Coast Guard Commandant, when asked about the government slow response and possibly replacing the BP team.

Red Adair and Coots Matthews (of Boots & Coots) are gone to fight blow-outs in the sky – what we need is a good Hellfighter. Too bad The Duke is gone as well. Where are the real men?

Governor Bobby Jindal seems to finally be growing a pair, albeit slowly. Allahpundit wonders,

Well, look on the bright side: If nothing else good comes from this disaster, at least now we have a roughly quantifiable sense of how long it takes for media outrage to build towards Obama versus towards Bush. Figure Dubya would have been under fire for dragging his feet on the spill after, what — maybe three days? It’s now 34 days since BP’s rig exploded and only yesterday did frustration really start bubbling on the Sunday chat shows.

And what does Feckless Leader do? He goes golfing

70% of Americans believe Congress doesn’t know what it’s doing. Case in point: now they want to tax current oil revenues to “finance” clean up of future oil spills that they won’t know how to handle, either.

Only a sick and twisted political mind could come up with that one.

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