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Atheiests Don’t Have No Songs

Music is always a big deal at our house and especially so on Sundays. Therefore, without further ado, here’s the gleefully swiped youtube from Gerard at American Digest: Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Riders sing at 2010 Merlefest

Christians have their hymns and pages, (hymns and pages)
Havah Nagilah is for the Jews, (for the Jews)
Baptists have their rock of ages, (rock of ages)
Atheists just sing the blues.

Romantics play Claire de Lune, (Claire de Lune)
Born agains sing He is Risen,
But no one ever wrote a tune, (wrote a tune)
For godless existentialism.

For Atheists, There’s no good news,
They’ll never sing a song of faith.
In their songs they have a rule,
The “he” is always lowercase.

The “he” is always lowercase.

Some folks sing a Bach cantata, (Bach cantata)
Lutherans get Christmas trees,
Atheist songs add up to nada, (up to nada)
But they do have Sundays Free.

Some folks sing – they sing to heaven, (sing to heaven)
Coptics have the book of scrolls,
Numerologists count – they count to seven, (count to seven)
Atheists have rock and roll.

For atheists, there’s no good news.

They’ll never sing a song of faith
In their songs they have a rule,
The “he” is always lowercase.

The “he” is always lowercase.

Atheists – Atheists – Atheists

Don’t Have No Songs.

Christians have their hymns and pages,
Havah Nagilah is for the Jews,
Baptists have their rock of ages,
Atheists just sing the blues.

Catholics dress up for mass
and listen to Gregorian chants.
Atheists, just take a pass
watch football in their underpants.

Watch Football in Their Underpants

Atheists – Atheists – Atheists

Don’t have no songs.

Don’t Have No Songs.

For the first time since 1/20/2009, America has something to cheer about!

USA! USA! USA! Brings a tear to the eye…

Via Legal Insurrection, who got it from Sister Toldjah, who got it from @Cubachi.

A Bright Spot in the Muck

I’m running behind, as usual. Maybe it’s the heat – it’s so oppressive. It’s hard to think, hard to process the assault of bad news.

Obama continues to underwhelm. There are so many failures at so many levels; it boggles the mind. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 48% see the government as a threat to their individual rights.

At every turn, our system of checks and balances is being eroded. Via Instapundit (because no way the mainstream media would report something as important as this!), the Electorial College is in danger of being eliminated by legislation promoted by a California-based group, National Popular Vote. The better to steal elections with, my dear.

Now, in the middle of a difficult war, is a great time to fire a General. The ego is more important than the mission.

A federal judge sees through Obama’s smoke and mirrors and rescinds Obama’s drilling moratorium. His thanks? Death threats.

The well, that well, that looms so large in the American psyche, is just a pine needle on the green of Obama’s plan of world dominion. But oil well experts believe the well disaster is approaching Kobiyashi Maru proportions: the well may be compromised “down hole” (read the whole thing). Bad. Very bad. Very, very bad. Pray they are able to contain this monster.

Enough! Enough! I need bright spots! Bright spots, I tell you, in this muck!

The Anchoress passes along the smell of chocolate chip cookies.

Jill has suggestions for the cable company.

Lance grouses on the mother tongue.

Professor William spotted a funny bumper sticker.

Hank Johnson continues to make Liz Carter’s job easy.

Lan is the Man.

Dawgs beat frogs, any day. The record for the longest match in tennis history is now held by a UGA grad. Great sportsmanship is NOT dead, no matter what that silly French coach says.

Pretty in Pink

Gerard is channeling his inner Sheeple with his latest creation.

Don’t look. You’ll need a mind-wipe afterwards.

Told ya.

Hey! I have a law degree and didn’t even know it

So does that qualify me for a job in the current administration?

Fisherville Mike grouses about grade inflation at law schools and conjectures that the new and inventive curriculum will award degrees for an Instalanche. My last degree came in March.

(h/t to Stacy, who must have a U-Haul full of ’em!)

Soccer Snark

England. Alas, poor England. They have succumbed to parlor tricks and superstition in hope that the voodoo that they doooo will help squeak out a win today against Slovenia. Yeah. Slovenia. A decent referee should be higher on their wish list, I would think. Richard Whittall of Yahoo Sports notes:

As the Daily Mail points out: “Apparently the current squad of players prefer the red shorts option to navy blue and anything that makes them happy at the moment is a boost for the big game.”

Did you hear that? A boost! Even though England last wore an all-red strip about nine-hundred years ago, winning all four games they played in the sanguinary shirts and shorts: two in the 1962 World Cup in Chile, and in friendlies against Czechoslovakia in 1963 and Belgium in 1970. So we know the kit is guaranteed to cure England’s woeful passing, inept finishing, flat movement, tactical unawareness, lack of confidence, positional indiscipline, rheumatism, whooping cough and scabies. How? Science and stuff. Speaking as a Canadian, I can tell you it’s worked great for us.


P.S. For Trog, who is slogging through Soccer 101 like the champ he is, a kit is the uniform.

Ecclesiastes 10:2

(Double tip-o-the-hat to The Ginger)

Stacy McCain and I are on the same wave-length today. He quotes David Dunning, Cornell pysch professor, as to why people are Democrats,

“When people are incompetent in the strategies they adopt to achieve success and satisfaction, they suffer a dual burden: Not only do they reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the ability to realize it. Instead . . . they are left with the erroneous impression they are doing just fine.”

Good explaination. But you only have to open the Good Book to the scripture noted in the title above for the original answer,

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

Happy Father’s Day

To all the Fathers out there.

And my daddy, too.

Quote of the Day

Smitty, of The Other McCain:

The recovery will be political chemotherapy for us all.

Happy Birthday, Dimples

Via Bernie’s Dawg Blawg.

I bet David Pollack could clean up the Gulf oil spill, with one hand tied behind his back.

If FIFA Can Make a Decision This Quickly, Maybe They Should Be In Charge of the Gulf Spill Clean-up

As a refresher, just in case you didn’t witness the robbery:

This is Outstanding News.

The referee who disallowed a potential game-winning goal for the United States will face an expedited performance review from FIFA and is likely to be excluded from the rest of the World Cup, according to a FIFA source.

[…] Every World Cup match is viewed live by an on-site assessor who monitors the referee’s performance. However, in this case, a deeper assessment will take place at the earliest possible opportunity. That this is happening so quickly suggests FIFA is taking the complaints about Coulibaly seriously and is likely to leave him unassigned to referee further matches, according to the source. He could still appear as a line judge or other supporting role.
(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

“If he is found to have made a serious mistake, especially one that affected the outcome, then he would be highly unlikely to play any further part in the tournament,” said the source, who is close to senior figures on the refereeing panel. “FIFA is determined to keep refereeing standards high and does not want high-profile mistakes.”

Coulibaly came under heavy criticism from the U.S. team and head coach Bob Bradley, but it was not just the Edu no-goal that will come under scrutiny.

[…] Assessors also are likely to be concerned at the highly physical nature of the match. American striker Jozy Altidore was repeatedly involved in tussles with the Slovenian defense, and an ugly incident took place midway through the second half when Slovenia’s Marko Suler appeared to throw Altidore to the ground. Coulibaly issued Suler a yellow card, but the strong infraction was enough for a red card and an ejection.

In other news about executive decisions, Big Government notices Bobby Jindal’s action oriented style and outlines a bit of his history (h/t Instapundit). Hint – it doesn’t include any stints as a “community organizer.” Keith Hennessey gives Obama some detailed instructions on how to waive the Jones Act, something even his “well-educated” advisors can’t seem to figure out.

MMS (Minerals Management Services) knew that the Deepwater Horizon well was having problems as far back as February. BP was advising MMS, on numerous occasions, that they were having trouble controlling the well.

By March, according to these documents, the natural gas surges had gotten so bad that BP warned MMS that it had difficulty controlling them. On March 10th, BP e-mailed the MMS drilling director for New Orleans that they were in the midst of a “well control situation,” which a Berkeley engineer tells Bloomberg that “they damn near blew up the rig.” That was just a day under six weeks before the rig actually blew up in the Gulf.

This revelation shows that the disaster was far from unforeseen. In fact, it appears that it had already come close to a catastrophic blowout just six weeks before eleven people died in the subsequent explosion. BP didn’t exactly keep it a secret, either. They informed MMS of the problem, which apparently did nothing to intervene in a situation serious enough that a similar situation caused Exxon to shut down its well in 2006. [Emphasis admin]

Let’s see…2006. That was under President Bush, the same President who understood how to maneuver the waters of the Jones Act and decisively help those impacted by disaster(s).

UPDATE: Oh look, a Memeorandum thread.

What Could Go Wrong?

Afghan military personnel go AWOL from Lackland AFB. 17 in total, over the last two years. No Sheeples Here:

Seventeen Afghan military men training to become pilots at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas are listed as AWOL, as reported by Learning English at the Defense Language Institute as well as training, the Afghan officers and enlisted men possessed military identification and security badges which would grant them access to U.S. defense and military bases, prompting the nationwide alert.

Chief of Public Affairs at Lackland AFB, Gary Emery said “I can confirm that 17 have gone missing from the Defense Language Institute. They disappeared over the course of the last two years, and none in the last three months.”

The date of the alert was not noted. One must ask what prompted the alert now if the disappearances have occurred over a two year span, and none in recent months.

Is Bobby Jindal the New Rudy?

Remember Rudy on 9/12, 9/13, 9/14….? The exhaustion, the anger, the empathy, the resolve?

In the aftermath, Giuliani found a language that spoke to all the emotions coursing through the national psyche. It was a blend of outrage and anguish, determination and reassurance.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in Plaquemines Parish, La., Tuesday, June 15, 2010. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Even in the face of continued federal muddling, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is gaining character points with Americans nationwide. The disaster itself is horrible enough, but to aid insult to injury, he is fighting to protect LA from the hapless federal government as well.

Louisiana has to take care of itself. Waiting on Obama to make a decision that doesn’t involve a tee time is fruitless.

President BoatDrink. Contrast and compare.

(Crossed at Potluck)

UPDATE: Who is in charge, exactly?

Jill at Pundit & Pundette has a great clip of Rudy on Obama’s incompetence as well as the chilling question, How safe to you feel under this administration? Where should I begin?

Almost as Good as the Harmonic Convergence

Today is Gerard’s BloggyBirthday. Seven whole years. Seven. That makes him Grand Master of Ceremonies of the Internetz.

He always finds the coolest stuff. I want one of these in my office. It’s bound to cheer up the gulag decor.

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