The Shakespeare Pop-Quiz

Ree, The Pioneer Woman, is doing a series of posts about Twenty Interesting Things About …This… or That. The one about Shakespeare really caught my eye because of #19:

19. The following commonly used phrases are thought to be originally coined by William Shakespeare (many say these combinations of words did not appear in print before Shakespeare’s works):

All that glitters is not gold
All’s well that ends well
Bated breath
Dead as a doornail
Fool’s paradise
For goodness’ sake
Good riddance
Heart of gold
In a pickle
Knock knock! Who’s there?
Laughing stock
Love is blind
Naked truth
Neither rhyme nor reason
One fell swoop
Star-crossed lovers
Pomp and circumstance
Pound of flesh
Primrose path
Too much of a good thing
Wear my heart upon my sleeve
What’s in a name?
Wild goose chase
The world’s my oyster

I just love word play and puns. Check out the others in her Homeschooling section.

Beckham? Han? In His Own Mind, Maybe…

Gleefully swiped from The Troglopundit, who is pretending to be a soccer fan in time for the World Cup, but couldn’t pick Cristiano Ronaldo out of a Deeeetroit line-up if Greedo was holding a gun on him.

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