Random Strikes

Random like heat lightning – flashes, distant, no sound. No, I’m not talking about Obama again. I just want it to rain and break the heat, darn it, so I can breathe again.

But the flashes are images, however brief.

Carol’s latest picture reminds us of the President’s favorite mantra. That is, if he’s not playing golf, or throwing parties, or going on vacation or playing footsie with America’s enemies. If fact, the Blame Bush meme has has become so widespread, the Bush’s themselves blame George for everything. It’s true. Laura said so; the family is beginning to think it’s pretty funny. I think we’ll start that game around our house. We could use a good laugh or two as the bills pile up.

Senator as line-cutter, because, after all, he’s not one of those little people. And it’s the kind of arrogant behavior Boss-man would expect from his underlings.

King Barack, The Unready. Complete with artifacts.

Once, back in my bloggy beginnings I won a little award and made a new friend. Today I was a runner-up in another pal’s contest. Now that’s a visual you’ll need a mind-wipe to get rid of.

Another woman (TN State Rep. Janis Baird Sontany, D-Nashville) said this?

“You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote”

Heh. And here I thought Clinton was out of office.

Michael Ramirez of IBD has the best cartoon since Obama’s inauguration.

Who needs words after that image?

Who is Ambushing Whom, Exactly?

It’s so hot down here (everybody together now – how hot is it?) that everything has slowed to a snail’s pace.

Things have certainly heated up in Washington. Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC2) assaulted a college student yesterday on the street, when he approached and asked the congressman his opinion of the Obama agenda. The kid got “the Chicago way” treatment for his trouble by an adult who should have known better. Politics can be a tricky business. So who exactly did the ambushing here?

For a populace feeling ambushed by a bait-and-switch, ran-as-moderate-governs-as-radical-prince president and his congress, “do you fully support the Obama agenda” is a perfectly relevant question for this election year. I am wondering why the face of the “student” is blocked out, though, and who he is.

Elizabeth goes on to ask if Rep. Etheridge’s lame apology is enough.

To his credit, he does not issue an apology “in any were offended.” It does seem to fall short, however; his response was not merely “poor” but violent. Without the video, would he ever have acknowledged his “poor” response? Your thoughts? Is the apology enough? Does the story go away, now? Should it?

HotAir has additional video. The congressman sounds a bit intoxicated.

Gateway Pundit and The Other McCain have more.

This behavior disturbs me. How about you?

UPDATE: Phineas says Rep. Etheridge needs a time-out. How appropriate.

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