A Bright Spot in the Muck

I’m running behind, as usual. Maybe it’s the heat – it’s so oppressive. It’s hard to think, hard to process the assault of bad news.

Obama continues to underwhelm. There are so many failures at so many levels; it boggles the mind. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 48% see the government as a threat to their individual rights.

At every turn, our system of checks and balances is being eroded. Via Instapundit (because no way the mainstream media would report something as important as this!), the Electorial College is in danger of being eliminated by legislation promoted by a California-based group, National Popular Vote. The better to steal elections with, my dear.

Now, in the middle of a difficult war, is a great time to fire a General. The ego is more important than the mission.

A federal judge sees through Obama’s smoke and mirrors and rescinds Obama’s drilling moratorium. His thanks? Death threats.

The well, that well, that looms so large in the American psyche, is just a pine needle on the green of Obama’s plan of world dominion. But oil well experts believe the well disaster is approaching Kobiyashi Maru proportions: the well may be compromised “down hole” (read the whole thing). Bad. Very bad. Very, very bad. Pray they are able to contain this monster.

Enough! Enough! I need bright spots! Bright spots, I tell you, in this muck!

The Anchoress passes along the smell of chocolate chip cookies.

Jill has suggestions for the cable company.

Lance grouses on the mother tongue.

Professor William spotted a funny bumper sticker.

Hank Johnson continues to make Liz Carter’s job easy.

Lan is the Man.

Dawgs beat frogs, any day. The record for the longest match in tennis history is now held by a UGA grad. Great sportsmanship is NOT dead, no matter what that silly French coach says.

Pretty in Pink

Gerard is channeling his inner Sheeple with his latest creation.

Don’t look. You’ll need a mind-wipe afterwards.

Told ya.

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