We Are in The Best of Hands

Has any American President in history ever smeared his failure over an entire nation? (Jimmy Carter doesn’t count.) The chaos continues in the Gulf:

George LeMieux (R-FL) scolded President Barack Obama from the Senate floor yesterday, telling Obama that it wasn’t just oil washing up on the shores of the Gulf; it’s failure. On Day 71 of the crisis, LeMieux noted that then-Senator Obama had a lot to say about George Bush and his response to Hurricane Katrina, including a focus on “half-hearted measures.” LeMieux also noted that Obama seems more interested in traveling around the nation and giving speeches crabbing about Republicans than in doing the job for which he campaigned two years ago. “This is his job,” LeMieux insisted about the Gulf crisis, “not Ken Salazar’s”

Why is access to the Gulf spill and the resolution efforts being blocked?

Clearly, Democrats don’t want the media or our elected officials to see what’s happening in the Gulf, and it’s about time people started demanding an answer from them for it. When PBS can’t get into the response effort, something is being covered up.

Is what clean-up that is happening all for show? Shoot, if the oil spill can’t be politicized and used for the purpose of pushing a radical socialist agenda, then what good is it? Let those pelicans die. They don’t pay tribute taxes anyway.

The border is his job, as well. He promised Gov. Brewer she’d have an answer on his approach to address the Arizona border issues in two weeks. Instead of an answer, she got an ambush. He’s dissed the wrong governor. She just won’t roll over and take it like Ah-nold. Obama’s shotgun approach of immigration and amnesty talking points are wearing thin. According to Obama, citizenship is a frame of mind, not a matter of law. Maybe he should have taken a citizenship class. Any President, even our current Middle-Schooler-in-Chief, shouldn’t flub thisquote (really) – ““Give me your tired, and your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Perhaps he never looked, I mean really saw, the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t come equipped with a mirror.

The economy, the financial strength of our nation is his job, too. Obamanomics is proving to be disastrous. And that is just in the first year! Forget that the Democratic Congress refuses to set a budget or vote to extend the Bush tax cuts. More politicization; this time of our paychecks! They really hold their constituents in contempt:

Both strategies [no budget plus Obama’s plan for yet another stimulus package] are designed to save the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. If Obama can lower the unemployment rate by November, and the Democrats can hide their out of control 2011 budget until after November, they think they have a winning combination.

They are banking on Americans being that stupid.

Take a look at the tax tsunami lurking in 2011. Unbelievable. And unconscionable.


  1. July 3, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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  2. July 3, 2010 at 4:22 pm

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  3. July 3, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Well, I agree with you about untaxed pelicans. Somebody had to say it. We must have priorities. I think they’ve held up the A Whale for about a month. Obama has no clue what is coming for him with this Gulf disaster.

    On the border, bullets made it all the way from Mexico into the El Paso City Hall. What’s up with that? We know what’s up and it’s called treason as we have had several presidents refuse to secure our borders – their sworn and solemn duty. Secretaries had to sit tight in their City Hall West facing, floor to ceiling glassed-in offices.

    Great rant, and The Daley Gator gave it an intriguing title:-)


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