The Kagan Confirmation Circus

If you’ve been under a pile of rocks lately (like me), you’re behind on the Elena Kagan/SCOTUS Senate hearings.

Human Events has a great catch-up article. Or you can search the entire site periodically with this handy link.

Professor Glenn Reynolds, The Instapundit, is also a good place to check in. After all, he is the blogfather of us all.

My advice to the Senators? Don’t confirm her. It’s for the children.

Funny Business at the DOJ

Meet J. Christian Adams, former Department of Justice attorney. He resigned his position over the DOJ “handling” of the Black Panther voter intimidation in Philadelphia (2008). Background, here and here.

In a Republican administration, Democrats and the state-run media would be praising Mr. Adams for his bravery, salivating over his every word, speaking truth to power, and would make arrangements for his protection and pampering. No surprise, since this is a Democratic administration, the DOJ/Chicago smear-machine is giving Mr. Adams the business (h/t Instapundit).

This battle had been brewing for several days since Adams — using the Panther case as an example — asserted in the Washington Times, and then in more detail in Pajamas Media, that institutionalized bias had infiltrated Eric Holder’s Justice Department. Civil rights complaints would only be pursued when initiated by people of color against white people.

When it was the other way around, the complaints, even when well-substantiated as with the New Black Panthers, would disappear in a bureaucratic morass.

The attacks on Adams — whether from the “anonymous source” or from DOJ spokesperson Tracy Schmaler — were of surprising ferocity, indicating nervousness on the part of the Department.

The whole thing is downright blood-curdling.


Race-neutral enforcement of civil rights law is a principle nearly all Americans agree with. Equality before the law has been cherished since the founding, and a bloody Civil War sacrificed generations of treasure and life to enshrine race equality into constitutional law.

Amen! I would think a constitutional scholar would understand that. Espouse it. Celebrate it.


And while we can vigorously exhort the media to dig into this story, little of the real truth will actually make it into the network news cycle. It’s their standard. Unless, of course, The National Enquirer picks it up. Seems that is the best way to get a network executive’s attention these days is through their choice of bathroom literature.

(Image by Carole at Mako Snark)

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