What do you get when you push the loose fuse back into the mortar?

A lovely explosion, about 15 feet off the ground. About 25 feet too close for comfort. But definitely a rousing ending to a night of Independence Day Pyromaniaism. While Obi’s street was littered with the carcasses of shiny, sparkly things that burnt hot and fast and went bang, we bow in abject humility to the remains left behind by The Pioneer Woman and her bunch of fire-breathers. We are not worthy. You are the Pan.

New Arrivals:
– Did you know the Federalist Society started a blog? Well, they did and here it is.
– Andrew Breitbart is at it again. Big Peace was born on the 4th of July!
TenBuckFriday. More later.
Tropical storm brewing off the coast of Louisiana. What could go wrong?

“Regime uncertainly.” A real leader can tell when leader wannabee is faking it. And The Won is faking it.

The flag is back. Take that California.
The man who fell from the stars. And my, how low he’s fallen.
– Don’t care much for rap, but I love this

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