The Tangled Web of Obama’s Politics

While the honeymoon has been over for a while, inside sources whisper that Obama is now sleeping on America’s couch. It won’t be long before he’s kicked out of the house and asks his secretary find him a place to live.

First, let’s back up to the election of 2008. Even before then, to the primaries. Allegations are surfacing that Obama was selected (read pushed) by the DNC over Hillary Clinton, over the votes of millions of Americans. Threats, intimidation and voter fraud were rampant, especially in the caucus states. Gigi Gaston is a writer/director who produced a documentary, We Will Not Be Silenced, outlining the rampant voter fraud perpetrated by the Obama campaign. Check out Carol’s Closet. Maggie has more on each video. Hillbuzz has more on the corruption, as well.

My question is, with Hillary being the political animal she is, why did she roll over and let Obama get away with this? Was she threatened? Was her family threatened? Was it presented as a ‘take one for the team or we’ll paint you a raaaaacist’ scenario? It seems odd to me that Hillary would allow someone else to cheat her out of the prize she’s coveted for so long. Perhaps it has been covered elsewhere and I’ve missed it. Send links/info/etc., and I will update to include.

The New Black Panther voter intimidation and subsequent dropping by the DOJ has been roundly discussed, by people much smarter than me. However, some believe the case has ‘nine lives’ and it is about to be resurrected, much to the administration’s dismay.

It’s our sincere hope that Eric Holder made a colossal mistake of Watergate proportions with the dismissal of prosecution in the Black Panthers case. When Republicans take back Congress, they need to investigate this matter fully — and not be intimidated or bullied by the CBC, NAACP, Rainbow Push Coalition, or the rest of the Race Industry into letting this matter go.

It’s clear the Justice Department is engaging in a policy and practice of refusing prosecution of black criminals who have committed crimes against whites. It would be unconscionable for the Attorney General to refuse to prosecute white criminals for attacks upon blacks. The reverse needs to be true as well — and an Attorney General who spearheads a practice of such racial discrimination needs to be removed from office.

The NBPP leader that Holder cleared of charges, Malik Shabazz, proclaims his solidarity with Osama Bin Laden. Erick believes he would make an excellent campaign issue (emphasis Admin.):

Now we have King Samir Shabazz. He showed up at a polling location in Pennsylvania and intimidated voters going into the polls. The Justice Department pursued the case and, having received a verdict it the government’s favor, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder stopped pursuing the New Black Panthers.

Video has subsequently come out of King Samir Shabazz encouraging the murder of white children.

Republican candidates nationwide should seize on this issue. The Democrats are giving a pass to radicals who advocate killing white kids in the name of racial justice and who try to block voters from the polls.

The Democrats will scream racism. Let them. Republicans are not going to pick up significant black support anyway. But here’s the thing: everyone but the Democrats will understand this is not racism. This isn’t even about race. This is about the judgment of an administration that would rather prosecute Arizona for doing what the feds won’t do than prosecuting violent thugs who would deny you and me the right to vote while killing our kids

This video is just one example of Washington’s cluelessness of what is happening outside the city limits of DC. They never knew the Devil would actually show up and collect, just for selling their souls for one election. Note the audience’s reponse to CA congressman Brad Sherman’s response that he’s “simply not aware of that (New Black Panther) case.”

This is why most Democrats are eschewing Town Halls, this summer…the anger and disgust with their malfeasance has reached a boiling point, and they know it.

Before the NAACP can even pass it’s resolution that the Tea Parties are raaaaacist (an obvious DNC plot to redirect attention while they steal even more) based on false and inflammatory press coverage, the Tea Party beats them to the punch with their own resolution, stating the organization is ‘bigoted,’ a ‘partisan attack dog organization,’ and urges the IRS to reexamine their tax-exempt status since they are obviously now a political organization, and no longer focus on civil rights.

Obama has personally set race relations back decades. Sending his grouchy wife to stir the pot at the NAACP convention is like throwing gas on a fire. As The Anchoress (paraphrased) says, “There is an art to good politics, and this ain’t art.” Blaming the Tea Parties for the racial schism developing in America is nothing more than projectile projecting.

More people than ever believe Obama is a socialist. A puppet controlled by union thugs. His disdain for Americans is becoming more evident every day.

Barry Obamski learned his skills well. It’s time. November is coming.

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The Top 100 Most Vulnerable Democratic House Seats

Patrick Ishmael has a superb article over at HotAir on the Democrat’s congressional vulnerability in November.

Using my [Ishmael’s] model, which includes most if not all of the major prognosticators, and using his [Neil Stevens’] assumptions as to rough probabilities within a class, the potential GOP take here jumps up to 34. Assuming a revision upward by the pros as the election gets closer, and a seat take well into the fifties seems wholly within the realm of possibilities. The Dems gained 12 to 13 extra seats at election time compared to the predictions; the GOP could realistically do the same this time around. Again, not wholly scientific, but it is consistent.

The GOP need to increase their total seats by 39 to effectively take control of the House. Looks like we’re getting close!

Per Patrick, here is the list of 100:

My question – WHERE’S DAVID SCOTT (GA13)?????

Migraine 1, Obi’s Sister 0

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