The Top 100 Most Vulnerable Democratic House Seats

Patrick Ishmael has a superb article over at HotAir on the Democrat’s congressional vulnerability in November.

Using my [Ishmael’s] model, which includes most if not all of the major prognosticators, and using his [Neil Stevens’] assumptions as to rough probabilities within a class, the potential GOP take here jumps up to 34. Assuming a revision upward by the pros as the election gets closer, and a seat take well into the fifties seems wholly within the realm of possibilities. The Dems gained 12 to 13 extra seats at election time compared to the predictions; the GOP could realistically do the same this time around. Again, not wholly scientific, but it is consistent.

The GOP need to increase their total seats by 39 to effectively take control of the House. Looks like we’re getting close!

Per Patrick, here is the list of 100:

My question – WHERE’S DAVID SCOTT (GA13)?????


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  1. Ben Hoffman said,

    July 13, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    You really think people are that stupid that they would put back in office the party that nearly destroyed our country? You may be right.

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