Oh, My…..Oh, My

Two posts at Maggie’s Notebook regarding Christian Adams, New Black Panther case dismissal and the NAACP.

Civil Rights Commission Urges Federal Probe into DOJ Black Panthers Case and Civil Rights Division

The U.S. Civil Rights Commission has urged a “federal probe” into the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismissal of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers, and the Department’s Civil Rights Division. Liberals say the Commission “gamed the system,” and is not bipartisan.

The Commission said “grave” testimony charged that the DOJ “will not pursue black defendants,” and the charges against the New Black Panthers was “wrongly abandoned.”

Grave, I tell you, grave testimony.

And DOJ Consulted NAACP on Black Panther Case: Direct Ties NAACP DOJ Black Panther Case

[Christian] Adams answered that his information was secondhand, and that he was told the NAACP was at the DOJ in March of 2009 asking when the case against the militants would be dismissed. Adams characterized this as “interesting,” because there had never been any discussion of dismissing the case he was lead attorney on. [Emphasis Admin)

Oh, my, indeed.

Attention Candidates, Sign This Petition to Show Us You Are Serious About Protecing America

Wouldn’t you like to see every GOP candidate sign a pledge agreeing to uphold and defend “a nation free of Shariah?”

PeaceThroughStrength.com has published a 10-point platform of fundamental national security principles and is asking public officials and candidates to sign.

Go here for the rest.

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