My Final Word on the Ground Zero Mosque

Gerard says it the best. Posted in full, with his permission, since it is too good to excerpt (emphasis mine).

Tolerance Does Not Require Approval, August 27, 2010

Central to the ‘progressives’ suicidal rush to condemn the Cross and celebrate the Mosque is their decades long and continuing attempt to equate “tolerance” with “approval.” These two states are not the same thing which is why the English language provides two distinctly different words.

Why does the First Amendment enshrine both speech and religion as things the state shall not legislate against or establish an approved version thereof? To formalize “tolerance” without requiring “approval.”

In this wise, it is possible to form a society of individuals with vastly different ideas and religions in which the liberty of all is respected by all. In essence we agree that I tolerate your worship of a moon god and you tolerate my worship of a tree. It’s “live and let live” at the most basic level. If, on the other hand, you decide that I have to make continuous noises of “approval” of the moon god in order for you to grant me the right to worship the tree god in peace, we are headed towards an argument that ends in guns.

At its most basic the American tradition is that I don’t require approval of my beliefs from you and you don’t insist on my approval of your beliefs. Regardless of what we may do, we tacitly agree not to do things which exacerbate a state of mutual disrespect. We mutually agree not to get in each others faces about these issues with acts like, oh I don’t know, building a temple to the moon god so that it casts a shadow across my cemetery. Doing so starts a process of disrespect that also tends, if history is any guide, to end in guns and fire.

“Toleration does not require approval.” It really is the simplest of social compacts and like all great and simple ideas bringing in nuance and qualifiers doesn’t strengthen our common bonds as society but weakens it. This is well-known to those that seek to create a climate of continual upheaval in the mistaken belief that, in the end, the fire will not consume them. Civil war consumes all.

It is well to reflect that every single move in the past few decades that has resulted in a loss of individual liberty has begun in a plea for tolerance and ended with non-negotiable demands for approval. Those familiar with the decades of the 1840s and the 1850s, the last time the fires in the minds of men grew this hot, will recognize our current conundrum as mirrored in the various issues that led up to and away from the Missouri Compromise. Many were ready, up until the very last moment, to tolerate slavery. But most were not prepared to step over that line into outright approval. Yet those who began in asking for tolerance for slavery ended in demanding approval. As always, it ended in guns and the sweeping away of an old and corrupt institution.

In the spirit of America, I am prepared to tolerate a vast and unfettered range of religions, beliefs, lifestyles, and other things that my fellow citizens may wish to don in order to decorate their lives and souls. But if they come to me and seek my unfettered approval for this or that hobby-horse they have chosen to ride I shall reserve my approval according to my judgment. Should they then, like piqued children, insist on my approval of this or my disapproval of that as a requirement in custom or in law for my continued full citizenship in this nation, we will find ourselves at daggers drawn.

I show you the American contract enshrined in the Declaration and codified in the Constitution. Like Lincoln, I show you a land “conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are equal.” Like Whitman, I give you “the sign of democracy.”

From these founding principles, forged and tested in fire, we have built a land in which we — difficult as it may be — agree to “tolerate” each other. I do not require, nor do I seek to compel, your “approval.” Beware if you seek to compel mine.

This Week’s Ten Buck Friday Poll

Via RightKlik. Vote here or there. Of course, I voted for the Georgia boy!

WordPress Commenting Problems

Ok folks, here’s what I know so far:

If you work on the free WP platform, you’ve probably noticed trouble posting comments on other WP blogs. They either vanish or hang in their spam filter. Your blog’s url contains a ‘subdomain’ in it’s address (i.e. this blog is

The problem started sometime last week (at least for me).

Saturday Lance Burri, The Troglopundit, and I (or is it me and Lance Burri?) exchanged test comments and came up with the following:
1. If you’re logged into your WP and you’re a subdomain blog, the comments won’t post.
2. If you use your WP subdomain url in the header info of the comment, the comment won’t post.
3. If you use your WP subdomain url in the body text of the comment, the comment won’t post.

So, in the meantime, use these workarounds:
1. Don’t log into your WP account to post comments
2. Don’t use your blog url in the header or body post. You’ll lose out on the trackbacks, but hey, at least the comment will post for now.
3. If you have a url (without the subdomain naming convention) that redirects to your WP blog, use it instead. It will work. Lucky for me, I have one parked for the day I decide to grow the blog up.

I’ve posted a support request at WP, which they responded to yesterday. I did some test comments for them, so hopefully they can capture what is going wrong and Fix It.

So we’ll see what happens…

In the meantime, check your spam before blindly deleting (there may be a friend or two in there) and pass this along to all the WP users you know!

Quote of the Day

“Is that a WMD in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

RTWT, but down your coffee first. A virtual cavalcade of punny, pun-puns.

Quote of the Day

Donald the Douglas:

I do not hate this president. But he brings deep shame to the role of Commander-in-Chief. And that shame is seen one more time with this weekend’s White House announcement on the end of U.S. combat operations in Iraq. IMHO, Obama just lies when he claims to be upholding the “sacred trust” of our fighting men and women. It takes more than winning an election to win that trust — you have to earn it. That said, folks may have different emotions than I do. But I think we can agree that getting the Democrats out of power in 2010 and 2012 will begin the process of restoring American power in the world. I cringe at the thought of this sick ACORN-sleazeball presidential interloper directing the force and capabilities of the U.S. abroad. But time heals all wounds, and the electorate is rumbling…

One Week til Kick Off

After 36 years between The Hedges, Loran Smith is retiring. The Bulldawg Radio team is evolving, following a natural progression, whateverthatmeans.

“Whaddayagot, Loran?”

Georgia fans heard legendary radio voice Larry Munson ask Loran Smith that question down on the field for more than three decades during Bulldogs football games.

Munson retired during the 2008 season and now Smith will no longer be Georgia’s sideline reporter.

Georgia is replacing Smith as sideline reporter with Chuck Dowdle, the former WSB TV sports director who already does postgame locker room interviews. Smith will continue in his role as co-host of Georgia’s pregame radio show.

[…] The catchphrase “Whaddayagot, Loran?” uttered when Munson threw it down to the field to Smith during radio broadcasts is part of Georgia lore.

So much so that the English Bulldog mascot Uga VI was named with that phrase.

Happy Trails, Loren. Catch you next time at the Mayflower.

(h/t Bernie)

The Gift of Discernment, Sorta

“Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” President John Adams

This dreary morning, I was looking for something else and ran across this old post, written on President GW Bush’s last day in office.

The final paragraph brought tears to my eyes, not because of my sometimes questionable writing style, but because… how were we to know how spot on that simple plea would be?

Remember us, Mr. President. Remember us when we are burdened with new taxes, when we are silenced by new regulations as to what to say and when we can say it, when we lose our jobs, when we can no longer defend our families and lands against the murderers the new administration will welcome with open arms. Remember us, Mr. President, for we will never forget you.

Renee Ellmers – This Week’s TBF Winner

From Right Klik,

…she isn’t just viable, she’s actually a formidable conservative candidate. As a Registered Nurse who works as Clinical Director of a Wound Care Center, Ellmers is keenly interested in taking a serious and proactive stand against the democrats’ health control legislation.

Now that the benevolent Democratic tyrants in Washington have appointed themselves to be our health care “deciders,” it’s good to see so many conservative health care professionals running for Congress. These are people who have demanding careers, but they’ve decided they can no longer stay on the political sidelines.

She is running against Bob Etheridge, NC-02 (remember the camera smasher?). She shouldn’t count on any of the national GOP organizations, since she is conservative and against the health care abomination and especially in the light of the Alaska primary meddlings.

You can donate here, and be sure to note it’s from a Ten Buck Friday reader.

This Weasel Will Probably Get a Promotion at Google

Caleb at RedState caught some funny business going on with Google Maps:

A reader emails that if you search Google today, on the eve of Glenn Beck’s rally, a search for Lincoln Memorial turns up, instead, the wrong address. And not just any wrong address either; it takes you to the FDR Memorial. Curious.

Curious, indeed. Then in the comments,

search result.


They even bragged about it, saying, “You guys suck.”


Read all the comments. There’s more. Log files. Geek stuff. Instead of heads rolling, somebody will be high-fiving because they think they messed with the “enemy.”

If you ever needed another reason to NOT support the proposition of the Verizon/Google mega-internetz-monopoly, well, here it is.

What’s That Smell?

In keeping with the dead fish meme, we continue to watch the shenanigans up in Alaska.

Stacy names names that will be become all too familiar in the weeks to come. [sic]

Early Wednesday morning, Alaska Libertarian Party chairman Scott Kohlhaas got a call from ex-Republican Andrew Halcro, asking if Kohlhaas would be open to having Sen. Lisa Murkowski replace Dave Haase as the LP’s Senate candidate.

Such a switch would be the only option for Murkowksi to be on the Nov. 2 ballot, should she and the National Republican Senatorial Committee fail in their effort to overturn conservative challenger Joe Miller’s 1,668-vote victory in Tuesday’s primary.

A former Republican state legislator, Halcro has disavowed any “official” connection to the Murkowski campaign, but a source in Anchorage says Halcro has masterminded the effort to secure the LP nomination for the incumbent Republican senator as a fallback option, should Miller’s victory hold up. And Halcro acknowledged to an Anchorage Daily News reporter that he is in direct communication with Murkowski.

Major national media have quoted Halcro without noting that, after Sarah Palin won the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2006, Halcro launched a third-party vengeance campaign focused on attcking Palin. He finished with 9% of the vote, and subsequently launched a blog which made him a “folk hero” to Palin’s enemies… [All Emphasis – Admin]

Hmmm. Election stealing and PDS in the same post? Hmmm.

Erick’s sources report there’s a lot of money involved. Isn’t that always the case when one or more politicians are gathered together?

John Cornyn, Chairman of the NRSC, has been upfront that the NRSC will help incumbent Republicans being challenged. But there is a problem with Murkowski. I have confirmed through multiple sources that Lisa Murkowski has already approached the Alaska Libertarian Party. In exchange for putting her on the Libertarian ticket in November, Murkowski will hand the Libertarians a sizable chunk of her +$1 million war chest. [All Emphasis – Admin]

And Ace, well, Ace is in a bit of a angry snit. I don’t blame him.

Either we have a democracy or we do not.

Well? What do you think?

67 days…

Stench and Death

The stench is up in Alaska, where the Republican Nation Senate Committee is fiddling with the election returns because one of their own lost her primary bid. Not dead fish, mind you, but crony politics as usual. She’s even been accused of “trying to pull a Franken.” That’s pretty low. More here.

The death knell is for more American jobs being cut due to the destructive nature of Obamacare. But the President can’t be bothered on his nth vacation.

Election day can’t come soon enough. 68 days…

Quote of the Day

The Trog:

Remember: the moral authority of fishermen whose bait goes bad because their industry was killed in D.C. is absolute.

I’m Really Tired of This Mosque Thing…But…

this bears repeating. The blogosphere’s favorite atheist has an interesting post up at Slate. It all boils down to this:

Let us by all means make the “Ground Zero” debate a test of tolerance. But this will be a one-way street unless it is to be a test of Muslim tolerance as well.

Already know the answer to that one, now, don’t we?

(h/t The Anchoress)

Happy Blogybirthday to Mind Numbed Robot!

A mere one year old and look at all the accolades he’s collected! And he got a Chris Muir cartoon, to boot! I’m nearly 4 and a half, and I’ve never gotten a Chris Muir cartoon. [insert big pout here]

There once was a somewhat shy *cough* never outspoken *hack* designer/drummer *blech* who could no longer withhold his views from the world, or at least the few people outside his circle of friends who might listen to those opinions. He felt compelled to begin an online journal to hopefully spare some of his close friends from the verbal outrage at what was happening in America. Once started on that journal, it soon became a journey, to where no-one knows, but for now has been a source of developing friendships and personal edification that he will never forget or regret.

It’s ok, buddy, to channel Sally Fields. It’s your birthday, dude!

Wednesday Wandom Wound-Up

Ok, you wascally wabbits, pay attention. Here’s a wandom wound-up that has nothing to do with Tuesday’s primaries, the stupid mosque, college football or shoes.

The difference between a stud and a schmuck.

Economics 101.

Lake Tehran.

Yes, but did he wear orange in the video?



Promises, promises.

#2? Really? Behind a buffalo? Really?
(click through to the AJC article)

I’m jealous.

Run away! Run away!


Who ya gonna believe?

A 0.125% success rate.

Ok. So I lied. One was about college football, sorta. I mean the President gets away with it, why can’t I?

Last big pile-on of the summer!

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