New Ten Buck Friday Poll

This week’s Ten Buck Friday Poll is up over at RightKlik (or you can vote here – it all accumulates in the inter-ether-netz). I voted for Mike Crane, R-Ga13, who is in a run-off against Deborah Honeycutt.

November is coming.

Stogie Needs Our Help

We’re all battling demons these days. Now one of our own is facing a big ugly one. Stacy passes on news that Stogie is in dire straits.

Stogie writes at Saberpoint. He started blogging the month before I did, and one of his first posts is on the bad behavior exhibited at Coretta Scott King’s funeral. The days that followed, along with additional bad behavior, were what inspired me to jump off the dock into the murky waters of the blogosphere.

Help Stogie if you can by donating at his site and by praying for him and his family.

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