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More historic stuff, historic, I tell ya.

Per Vodkapundit on Obama’s latest blatherings on border security:

“Unprecedented resources?” Well, yeah, if you include a White House lawsuit to prevent the state government of Arizona from helping the Federal government to enforce its own laws. That seems pretty unprecedented to me.

Is Obama Writing a New Dictionary?

Per a time-honored dictionary:

Entry Word: transparency
Function: noun
Meaning: the state or quality of being easily seen through — see clarity

Hmmm….this doesn’t fit that definition, does it?

From Ed at Hot Air:

Somehow, some way, this has to be a bad joke, right? Barack Obama made a big deal about creating the Most Transparent Administration Evah in the 2008 Hope and Change campaign, and after taking office appointed a transparency “czar,” which is in itself a contradiction in terms. Eighteen months later, Obama has eliminated the position…

Obama is transferring the duties to his chief counsel, Robert Bauer

[…] because attorneys are all about full public disclosure of activities.

Not just any lawyer, mind you (and many apologies to the the many fine lawyers out there), but HIS lawyer. It’s the Chicago way, I suppose.

Not that this is much of a comedown. Let’s recall that Eisen played a key role in the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin after he tried to blow the whistle on a sweetheart settlement that rescued an Obama supporter from political doom. Eisen failed to provide the necessary notice to Congress and instead instigated a smear of Walpin as mentally deficient in order to cover the White House’s tracks. Terminating IGs, who are supposed to be independent, hardly upholds the concepts of transparency and accountability.

Instead, we get a partisan attack dog attorney as our new guarantor of transparency. Having a White House counsel regulating transparency would qualify as a scandal in the media for any other President besides Barack Obama, and farce in any other setting than this administration and Congress.

Good grief. How stupid does the President think we are?

More on Walpin’s still unresolved lawsuit here.

November is coming.

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