The Crater and The Shrew

The endless Ground Zero Mosque debate took an interesting turn Wednesday when Lunatic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (see background) said that those opposing the mosque be investigated by the federal government.

What better way to defend the First Amendment freedom of religion than to have the Speaker of the House ask the federal government investigate those exercising their First Amendment right to free speech? Nancy Pelosi just guaranteed at least two new news cycles for a story, tossing even more gasoline on the fire than Barack Obama’s pas de deux this weekend

Dweedle Dee, Dweedle Dum. Incredible! Ooooohhh, but there’s more!

By the way, since Congress is the topic, did you know the US Capitol Visitor’s Center has differing versions of the Constitution on display? Congress, under her leadership and using our tax dollars, has taken wanton liberties with our Constitution and airbrushed out what they didn’t want. Just like her plastic surgeon.

Aunt Nan is seriously over the edge. The talk of “How is this being ginned up?” is pure projectile projecting. Comedy gold. Summon the men in the little white coats.

At least she can bask away her dotage on a posh private island, surrounded by fawners and sycophants.

But all snarkiness aside, Elizabeth (The Anchoress) is, as always, the only grown-up in the room. And she smacks down the madness that is the result of our nation being paralyzed by political correctness.

In just a few weeks we will be observing the 9th anniversary of the deadliest attack ever to take place on American shores. We will stare solemnly at the gaping hole of Ground Zero, and the hole will stare back at us, until it becomes clear that we are the hole, and the hole is us – politically paralyzed into stagnation; broken, sad and empty.

The Progressives have seen this wound, augered it, festered it, poured salt in it and pronouncing the patient too far gone to salvage, shuttled him off to the death panels. Secretly feeding the infection, they nurtured the pain, all the while planning their dirty deeds of theft and deception.

The furor over the Ground Zero Mosque has nothing to do with bigotry – that is just the easy charge some people make whenever they wish to avoid debate and silence opposing viewpoints, even as they proclaim their own flamboyant “openness.” It is not about public space or private enterprise, either. It is about what squabbling, divided and overwrought America’s own inability to rebuild herself portends for her future, and for her whole understanding of herself as a nation.

An exceptional nation leads; it takes a hit, sews the wound and marches on. An indispensable nation dares not dither or it cannot overcome.

Strength or weakness is born in the mind; since 9/11, the American psyche–as manifested in her politics and her popular culture–has been reeling with self-doubt; it has staggered and scattered and turned on itself in a reckless, endlessly divisive attempt to find its bearings. The instinct to preserve the “exceptional” past is battling the urge to ask, “yes, we can, but should we be so indispensable, after all,” and that conflict has infected the whole body, from Ground Zero, to DC, to Arizona, to San Francisco.

This is point of no return. We fight. We take back the God-given liberties granted by the Constitution, even if it means we fight against our own. Two hundred thirty four years ago, exceptional and brave men left us a plan. We need to follow it.

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