Two Weeks til Kick Off

The alley behind my old dorm is being refurbished, just in time for the kick-off weekend! It expands the public area of the stadium by about 30,000 square feet and comes complete with new toilet facilities (hallelujah!) and extra concessions. An added bonus is it also functions as a pedestrian walkway , so the much prayed for “cut-through to East Campus/River Rd without climbing those $%^#@$ thousand stairs” is finally here!

The details of new AD Greg McGarity’s compensation have been released, and thank heavens, if he is terminated “for cause” (i.e., being snagged for DUI with red panties in his lap), the university won’t have to pay him a gazillion dollar severance. Not that he even falls in the same category as Damon Evans. Welcome home from Gatorland, Mr. Bulldawg!

Just for equal time, the NerdHerd has started a sportsmanship initiative, aka The Gold Standard Pledge, complete with a website (be sure to read the comments!). Just let me know when you remove the ‘Piss on Georgia’ urinal cakes from campus restrooms, and from the orientation cheer, and I might take you seriously.

And this, well this you just gotta see. Bless His Little Heart.

Larry’s worried. Larry’s always worried. Of course. With fall just around the corner, if Larry wasn’t worried, the earth would cease to spin.

Larry probably won’t be in Sanford Stadium for a game this fall. He felt like he said his goodbyes when he was honored during the Georgia Tech game in November of 2008. But he’ll be watching on the big screen at home and worrying. And nobody, absolutely nobody, can worry like Larry Munson.

“What are we going to do about the defense? We couldn’t stop anybody last year,” he said. ”What do you know about the new guy (defensive coordinator Todd Grantham)? Does he understand what the SEC is all about? Does he realize how hard it is to play on the road in this league? Does he understand that it’s going to be NINE THOUSAND degrees up there? There is no place on earth hotter than Columbia, South Carolina!”

Go Dawgs!

Quote of the Day

The Trog:

If you’re going to waste all our time, at least could you do so accurately?

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