One Week til Kick Off

After 36 years between The Hedges, Loran Smith is retiring. The Bulldawg Radio team is evolving, following a natural progression, whateverthatmeans.

“Whaddayagot, Loran?”

Georgia fans heard legendary radio voice Larry Munson ask Loran Smith that question down on the field for more than three decades during Bulldogs football games.

Munson retired during the 2008 season and now Smith will no longer be Georgia’s sideline reporter.

Georgia is replacing Smith as sideline reporter with Chuck Dowdle, the former WSB TV sports director who already does postgame locker room interviews. Smith will continue in his role as co-host of Georgia’s pregame radio show.

[…] The catchphrase “Whaddayagot, Loran?” uttered when Munson threw it down to the field to Smith during radio broadcasts is part of Georgia lore.

So much so that the English Bulldog mascot Uga VI was named with that phrase.

Happy Trails, Loren. Catch you next time at the Mayflower.

(h/t Bernie)

The Gift of Discernment, Sorta

“Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” President John Adams

This dreary morning, I was looking for something else and ran across this old post, written on President GW Bush’s last day in office.

The final paragraph brought tears to my eyes, not because of my sometimes questionable writing style, but because… how were we to know how spot on that simple plea would be?

Remember us, Mr. President. Remember us when we are burdened with new taxes, when we are silenced by new regulations as to what to say and when we can say it, when we lose our jobs, when we can no longer defend our families and lands against the murderers the new administration will welcome with open arms. Remember us, Mr. President, for we will never forget you.

Renee Ellmers – This Week’s TBF Winner

From Right Klik,

…she isn’t just viable, she’s actually a formidable conservative candidate. As a Registered Nurse who works as Clinical Director of a Wound Care Center, Ellmers is keenly interested in taking a serious and proactive stand against the democrats’ health control legislation.

Now that the benevolent Democratic tyrants in Washington have appointed themselves to be our health care “deciders,” it’s good to see so many conservative health care professionals running for Congress. These are people who have demanding careers, but they’ve decided they can no longer stay on the political sidelines.

She is running against Bob Etheridge, NC-02 (remember the camera smasher?). She shouldn’t count on any of the national GOP organizations, since she is conservative and against the health care abomination and especially in the light of the Alaska primary meddlings.

You can donate here, and be sure to note it’s from a Ten Buck Friday reader.

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