We Have Another TBF Winner!

Via RightKlik, Ilario Pantano wins this week’s poll. He is a veteran Marine, businessman and author who is running for Congress in NC-7.

Want to know why Ilario Pantano deserves your support? Michelle Malkin provides a good thumbnail sketch:

Longtime readers of this blog and Hot Air know the extraordinary story of Ilario Pantano’s heroism. He’s the Marine sniper-turned-Wall Street trader who rejoined the military after 9/11, faced the death penalty for killing two Iraqi insurgents in the heat of battle in a terrorist-infested town near Baghdad, fought fiercely and successfully to clear his name, wrote the book Warlord chronicling his experiences, and defended other defenders who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way for their countrymen.

Pantano is continuing his journey of public service in the political square. He’s running against Democrat incumbent Rep. Mike McIntyre in North Carolina’s 7th district. UNC Wilmington prof andTownhall columnist Mike Adams has a nice profile of Pantano here.

Donate here. Be sure to include ‘Ten Buck Fridays’ in the occupation field.

From MNR, the ultimate campaign by-line for Mr. Pantano: “The Daily Kos attacks me saying I’m a “Jack Bauer Republican”…I prefer “Constitutional Conservative.”

Oh sigh and swoon! He had me at Jack Bauer Republican….


  1. mnrobot said,

    September 3, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    You know, the Jack Bauer analogy is closer than I thought at first. We really are running out of time.


  2. RightKlik said,

    September 11, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Belated thank!


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