Arbitrary is to NCAA as Chicken Wings are to…

Four games? Really NCAA? FOUR GAMES?

Georgia Sports Blog:

I must have missed something in the NCAA’s report. When A.J. Green sold his jersey for $1,000 did he leave a live a baby in it or a dead hooker? Or maybe he sold the jersey to Myles Brand’s zombie corpse?

Why the hell is he getting suspended for four games? Clay Travis had a great comment on this via Twitter:

On A.J., if he’d stolen ten jerseys, he probably misses a game. Sell one he owns, four games. Felonies count less than making money in NCAA.

What Clay didn’t mention is…you beat up an cop in Knoxville and it’s zero games on the suspension.

Spencer is right – the NCAA uses a random punishment generator, arbitrarily, in its decision making process. If you can even call it that!

This makes as much sense as “We have to pass the bill for you to find out what’s in it.” Wait. I’ve got it! The NCAA is secretly run by a bunch of Democrats!

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