That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Victor Davis Hansen zaps Obama with his vaporizing ray gun. That’s gotta smart!

The wonder is not that Obama is angry at criticism, but why he is so surprised in a weird “how dare they?” fashion.

Various explanations come to mind. Like the early presidential years of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Obama has experienced a radical drop in approval ratings. His preconceived notions about the world abroad have proven shockingly therapeutic. He must be disappointed that an Ahmadinejad or Putin is not swayed by his charisma and does what he pleases, which is mostly to oppose America and its interests whenever he can. Messianic disappointment with an unappreciative lesser world can explain a lot.

Keynesian economics did not pan out. Pundits without the responsibility of governance, who advised him to borrow trillions, now abandon him for not borrowing more trillions. He must be confused why he is both being attacked by friends and yet unable to borrow his way to recovery.

Yet Obama’s petulance, I think, more likely derives from a certain surprise — leading to anger — that originates from novel and sudden demands for accountability. Quite simply, no one has dared question Obama before — much less press him for deeds to match his mellifluous words.

Did he really think he could talk his way through four years of the American presidency?

Apparently, he did, and apparently he was almost right — given that rhetoric and sophistry earned him the presidency in the first place. In what follows, I hold some empathy for Obama’s pique; you see in some sense those around him suddenly changed the rules, and what in the past had been habit and custom no longer quite applied.

Ouch. It gets better. Read the whole thing. It’s withering.

VPD closes with this this question,

Now What?

But enough speculation over motives for the origins of Obama’s strange and growing petulance. All that matters for the country is that the current president of the United States seems surprised that as our chief executive he is earning scrutiny not previously accorded him — and that he finds that demand for accountability both exasperating and abjectly unfair. Thus this week’s latest “like a dog” whine.

For some reason, Obama believed that those who expected after his campaign promises a real upturn in the economy, or fiscal responsibility, or inspired foreign policy would be satisfied, as they had in the past, merely with soaring rhetoric and superficial reassurance. When they were not, and voiced such displeasure, as ingrates they had supposedly reduced Obama to canine-like status.

There is no need to add that abroad an Ahmadinejad, Assad, or Putin does not care a bit for the supposed personal chemistry or ethnic profile of Obama. Whether he was “clean” or not would be an absurdity to them. We sense only that those authoritarian sorts seem so far to like the idea that Obama speaks ambiguously about his country’s past and future, and appears more comfortable in pondering alternatives than making decisions.

Given all that, it is understandable both why America is very worried about what it has wrought — and why Barack Obama is miffed and lashes out.

You would too if both accountability and criticism were novel experiences at 49.

Why Weren’t These Guys Invited to Redecorate the Oval Office?

[This was stuck in my drafts folder for some unknown reason. Perhaps the flakiness of my WP for the last few weeks is to blame. Regardless, enjoy the snark.]

The 2010 Nike Combat Uniforms were unveiled last week and we saw a few of them over the weekend. Edgy. Out there. Some were down-right ug-ly. But you can say one thing – none of them were drab.

Now why weren’t these guys invited to redecorate the Oval Office? Can’t you just see those sofas covered in Bear Bryant Houndstooth? A great big G on the floor? And Gator tie-backs on Gamecock red drapes? The Martha Washington chairs covered in vibrant gold and purple chintz or an orange and navy chenille stripe? The rug woven with time-honored (and fact-checked) quotes from Vince, Bear, the Ol’ Ball Coach?

Even a tacky sports bar is better than this pathetic effort. FAIL. F-A-I-L.

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Flight 93 Memorial Still Has Crescent that Points to Mecca, Still

(Many thanks to Mind Numbed Robot for his repeated robotic reminders to this sleepy Jedi.)

Back in 2007 I participated in a blogburst over the outrageous design of the Flight 93 Memorial. For those that don’t remember, the memorial is in the shape of an Islamic crescent moon pointing toward Mecca. Remember now?

Well, it appears that our tone-deaf dhimmi administration refuses to recognize that it might be a tad “offensive” to regular ol’ Americans. They think they can fool us by calling the crescent aspect of the design “a broken circle.” This is blatant terrorist memorization and fits hand-in-glove with the Islamic practice of building mosques and/or other memorial structures to celebrate their victories.

There will be a full-page run in the Somerset Daily American this Friday and Saturday (when the two first ladies will be in town for the 9/11 anniversary) by Tom Burnett, Sr. and Alec Rawls. Click here for a (large) PDF copy of the actual ad. Print it out and distribute at will.

Alec Rawls,

We are hoping that visitors will hold onto our ad, maybe even tape it to their car windows, and most especially, show it to any press people they come across. Hey, if the Park Service can use 9/11 to plant the world’s largest mosque on the Flight 93 crash site, we can use 9/11 to object.

You got that right, Alec!

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