Flight 93 Memorial Still Has Crescent that Points to Mecca, Still

(Many thanks to Mind Numbed Robot for his repeated robotic reminders to this sleepy Jedi.)

Back in 2007 I participated in a blogburst over the outrageous design of the Flight 93 Memorial. For those that don’t remember, the memorial is in the shape of an Islamic crescent moon pointing toward Mecca. Remember now?

Well, it appears that our tone-deaf dhimmi administration refuses to recognize that it might be a tad “offensive” to regular ol’ Americans. They think they can fool us by calling the crescent aspect of the design “a broken circle.” This is blatant terrorist memorization and fits hand-in-glove with the Islamic practice of building mosques and/or other memorial structures to celebrate their victories.

There will be a full-page run in the Somerset Daily American this Friday and Saturday (when the two first ladies will be in town for the 9/11 anniversary) by Tom Burnett, Sr. and Alec Rawls. Click here for a (large) PDF copy of the actual ad. Print it out and distribute at will.

Alec Rawls,

We are hoping that visitors will hold onto our ad, maybe even tape it to their car windows, and most especially, show it to any press people they come across. Hey, if the Park Service can use 9/11 to plant the world’s largest mosque on the Flight 93 crash site, we can use 9/11 to object.

You got that right, Alec!


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