Vintage Middle School Term of the Day

Slambook. Remember slambooks? Way before Facebook, there were slambooks. You could really say what you thought, and didn’t have to worry if someone un-friended you. Like I really care if you don’t want to be my friend in the Pretend-Universe-Of-Everybody-Is-So-Nicey-Nicey-To-Your-Face.

Double RedNBlack points to Spencer at EDSBS, for digging this term out of the cobwebs of our minds.

OH IT’S SO ON. Todd Grantham spars with Spurrier. This will spread to slambook warfare, and then Facebook comment threads, and soon the assistant principal will have to have a stern talk with all of you about the importance of respecting each other before dismissing both of you, reaching for the scotch in his desk, and praying for a swift death from cirrhosis.

The Ol’ Ball Coach whiffs at Todd Grantham, and Todd just slams him back with a smile. What a polite young man. All that is missing the little ting, perfect head tilt toward the camera and sparkle-flash on his smile like in those Orbit commercials.

Go Dawgs.

Can You Smell the Fear?

Tea Party candidates did well in last night’s primaries. Neither establishment camp is happy. In fact, they’re scared $*&#less. Better entertainment couldn’t be had, unless, of course, it’s Sunday night.

As Erick said, it’s been a delightful morning.

C’mon folks, we can do this. November is coming!

Update: Woot! Linked by Bride of Rove.

Oh My

Ree Drummond is at it again. Making me gain weight by just looking at pictures on her blog.

She is an evil, evil woman.

LOL, We Need Laffz

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