Tartan Distraction

From the same Anchoress post where I nicked today’s Quote o’ the Day, was a seed of a thought that developed into a full-blown pining for the fjords moment.

While the Pope is visiting the UK, he is being presented with his very own tartan. “St. Ninian.” It’s beautiful. A little like Buchanan Hunting, but with more blue and it certainly wouldn’t clash so badly with my hair. (Hint, hint) Which then, of course, lead me here and then to this, and before you know it, I’m off to the races.

Everybody loves a man who wears a skirt.

If you’re in Atlanta, the Stone Mountain Highland Games are October 15-17.

As for me, I think I’ll watch Brigadoon when I get home.

Aye, sunshine can peep through a wee hole.

Quote of the Day

Elizabeth Scalia, while pope-watching (he is on a visit to the UK),

It is becoming tiresome that folks seem to think Benedict is responsible for every utterance that comes from the mouth of every Catholic. Do we expect Obama to have to answer for Schumer?

Awww, That’s Sweet

Bobby Cox and his plane, photo by ajc.com

Delta Air Lines and numerous Braves fans gave Bobby Cox a surprise sent-off for his last road trip as Braves manager, at least during the regular season. Delta even put his number on the 737.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures.

That dugout won’t look the same without him.

Start Your Friday Off With a Smile

Via Mary Katherine Ham on Facebook,

Mazel tov to the happy couple!

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