They Follow Alinsky Rules Until Breitbart Shows Up

Then they scatter like the chickens they are. Name callin’ chickens that is. Andrew asked the sign-toters to speak about the signs they were totin’. Most of them couldn’t form complete sentences. I guess being coherent wasn’t in the handout that came with the sawbuck.

At least the lady at the end was civil. But she admitted she came on her own and didn’t ride the bus with the rest. Jim Hoft wonders,

So, rather than focus all energy on the economy and the suffering of the American people, Barack Obama and democrats are stalking, protesting, and harassing top conservatives and tea party patriots.

Why are we not surprised?

(More on Alinsky’s Rules here, so you don’t have to bathe after reading the book. I’m nice like that.)

My New Obsession


Run by two of my favorite internet friends, Joy and Gerard.

Joy you will remember from CPAC shenanigans. Gerard, well, someday I’ll get to meet him. I really, really hope so.

In the meantime, check out this video, Episode 1 of “In The Red Chair.”

When Kamal Saleem was a boy of 7, he began training in a PLO assault camp. This notorious terrorist group trained him to know his enemy, to hate his enemy, and to anticipate their every move. His singular purpose was to use his power to change the world for Islam. Soon he was a career mercenary, working for the cause of Jihad. But a severe accident broke his back and changed everything in an instant. The one thing that this warrior was not prepared for—was the power of love.

There will be a quiz. When you least expect it.

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