Smitty Two-fer

Smitty of The Other McCain, zinged out two quotable “quotes of the day” within 24 hours, and it’s not even Friday! Enjoy.

On Dahlia Lithwick’s Jane Curtain moment,

No, Dahlia, the situation where Congress passes whatever comes out of the printer and tosses it over the hedge to clobber the economy is not a proper state of affairs. The parade of clowns who are five weeks off of getting kicked to the curb have sworn an oath, at which they scoff, to support and defend that Constitution.

Second, on Obama’s convenient skirting of “the separation of church and state” axiom by asking church leaders to push the flawed Obamacare:

The chutzpah on display is astounding, given the substantial legal questions unresolved.

Some think that Woodward’s new book will spell his Waterloo. Others that the PantherGate coverup could be a Little Big Horn moment. I think that the dread of the November election, itself, will devastate the President like the Japanese did the Russians at Tsushima. Yes, it’s an obscure reference, but, if you study the event, you’ll see how like that Russian fleet these Democrats are. So hapless as to border on pitiful, without meriting pity.

Fold up that Risk board, the game is over.

1 Comment

  1. KingShamus said,

    September 24, 2010 at 9:34 am

    As long as I get the easily defensible Australia chunk of the map, I’m good.

    I can’t win Risk any other way.


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