Back in Action

After a long weekend off, I’m back! All the same blah, blah, blah was here, blah-blahing away on Monday, so I didn’t miss much.

Fausta has a great post up on Real Clear World about Mono Jojoy, a formerly elusive and notorious Columbian terrorist, being killed. Guess what gave him away? His special-order diabetic shoes, which had been intercepted and surreptitiously chipped with a GPS unit by Columbian intelligence agents. Guess he won’t be filing that insurance reimbursement claim for diabetes supplies after all.

Another Stacy smack-down. He must have tired of David Frum, the last whipping boy.

And if you ever needed evidence that the UN was absolutely useless, well here’s your sign.

Catching up on politics and stuff, and counting the days until November 2.

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