Thank You, President Obama

(Before you faint dead-away at the title of this post, bear with me.)

Thank you, President Obama.

Thank you for arrogance. Your dismissive tone. Your obsession with golf. Your aloofness. Your constantly mixed messages on which god/God you worship. Your elitism. Your inability to speak coherently off the cuff. Your history of corruption. Your confusion regarding American traditions. Your unpresidential behavior. Your lack of a work ethic. Your attacks against those who dare to disagree. Your purposeful weakening of this great nation. Your bowing and scraping to foreign dignitaries, including those who would kill every American if they had enough bullets.

Thank you for proclaiming that you feel our pain, while you jet to NYC for date nights, eat fancy steaks from Japan, throw opulent parties, and vacation in places only the richest can even get a glimpse of.

Thank you for giving us a First Lady so horrid, so ill-mannered and so terribly self-engrossed that an entire cottage industry has sprung up just to criticize her lack of fashion sense. Her antipathy to class and taste, combined with a glaring lack of gracious charm so required of any hostess (never mind heads of state), make her (and us) a laughing stock among world leaders.

You created the firestorm over your beginnings simply by your reluctance to share your grades, dissertations, resume, vaccination record and even birth certificate. One simple gesture could have stopped it all, but you choose to seal those records, immediately heightening suspicion. Why seal them, if you (still) claim you have nothing to hide?

You created the same current anti-government sentiment in this country that you campaigned on in 2008, but criticize now.

You awoke the sleeping giant that is plain, ordinary America. The America that wants no part of your socialist agenda, your progressive degradation of this great nation, your lies.

You did this. And for that, I thank you, Mr. President.

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The Supposed Separation of Church and State

Since Obama wasn’t raised as an American and only attended far-left colleges, no wonder he doesn’t understand the premise of (and history) of the American ideal of church and state.

Chris Wysocki wonders if perhaps, that Jesus must have been a Democrat and Allah, too. Especially since Obama can’t seem to be able to keep them straight. Must be part of that “57 state” syndrome he suffered occasionally during the campaign.

I mean, cut The Won some slack. He must have missed his tee times this week, shmoozing the UN and all. Or had a moment of fright over the containment system failures.

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