Everything Conspires

…to keep me from blogging.

Whether it’s the new/old leak in the roof that should have been repaired after last year’s nightmare, or the washer than randomly refuses to spin, or the malaise that permeates the day job environment, or the book I’m reading, or the book I want to read, or the scarf I’ve started, or that Mad Men only has two episodes left in this season, or the room I need to clean out for the impeding move home of Underemployed Graduate formerly known as College Girl, or the room I need to paint for the same, or that I can never eat chicken nuggets again, or the sad and aging little dog, or the trouble sleeping, or the pants that are tighter than last fall, or the mysterious aches and pains, or the ever-rotten sinuses, or the Dawgs, or the malfeasance of the supposed media, or the fact we may never sell this house, or the negativity that spews from practically every politician’s mouth, or the dismay accorded our rudderless POTUS, or the clueless current party in charge, or the secret and sneaky destroyers of liberty lurking behind every shrub, or the fact that although I can navigate with ease the many galaxies of Star Wars, Star Trek (the many flavors), Aliens, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and Babylon 5 – I may never understand Caprica

I suppose I’m looking for inspiration in the midst of disillusionment. Somewhere. Anywhere. The already dreadful political climate will only get worse the next 30 days. I seriously doubt it will provide anything constructive and uplifting. America will survive it and be stronger for it. As for me, I’m not so sure.

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