Friday Fun, or, Why Do Boys Laugh at “Gas Jokes?”

Boys will be boys. Whatever.

I was cruising over at the Pioneer Woman to see if I’d won the pretty, pretty prize and this article on digestive adventures under the Home Schooling tab caught my eye.

It was the usual funny stuff about boys channeling Sir Fartsalot and such, even more so when digestive processing is discussed in a scientific manner, and then when I got to the end, I nearly fell out of my chair. Get Wakko out of my head!

The back of the book closes with a glossary of helpful definitions. Especially that first one.

I think I’ll END on that note.

That first definition triggered a flash-back to me driving the kids about, the Animaniacs tape playing and the hilarious giggles and raspberries from the back seat at the end of this song.

Gets me every time.

Breaking: Gwinnett County Chair Charles Bannister Resigns

H/T Obi.

The Gwinnett County Grand Jury was holding it’s final meeting this morning on the questionable land deals probe, per the AJC.

The grand jury began its investigation in January after a series of AJC articles drew attention to questionable land deals. Because of inflated appraisals, Gwinnett County taxpayers might have paid millions of dollars more for properties than they were worth, the newspaper reported.

Kenerly championed two of five parkland purchases detailed in the AJC series. Bannister and Commissioners Lorraine Green and Shirley Lasseter advocated other purchases. In each case the commissioners had ties to developers or others involved in the deals.

Bannister resigns before the hearing is over. More time with the family, health, etc. Hmmmmmmm….

Peach Pundit quips, “…prison is bad for the health.”

It begins. Stay tuned. This should get interesting.

The resignation letter.

Timing is Everything

Compare and contrast.

Corruptazoids Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) and Maxine Waters (D-Calif.)…their much-touted ethics trials are scheduled after the November elections.

Newcomer Austin Scott is running for Congress in GA-8 against incumbant Jim Marshall. Yesterday, he garnered an endorsement from FreedomWorks.

FreedomWorks PAC believes that Austin Scott’s promises to protect the Constitution and fight on behalf of taxpayers against runaway government spending and the continuous erosion of our fundamental freedoms will propel him to victory in the November 2nd general election.

Scott will be an important vote in the next Congress on behalf of core limited government issues. And his leadership in combating the big government agenda of the liberal establishment will be critical to FreedomWorks’ overarching mission to “Take America Back” on behalf of freedom starting on November 3, 2010.

Scott is considered one of the GOP Young Guns (click on GA) for this election. Marshall, on the other hand, is one of many of Queen Nancy’s footstools. The Democrats are so desperate to save Marshall’s seat that they’ve petitioned the court to unseal Scott’s divorce records. The hearing is scheduled for the week before the November elections. The judge that set the hearing date contributed to Marshall’s campaign. Connect the dots.

You can donate to Scott’s campaign here. Punish the dirty-tricks Democrats – kick the weasels out!

In the meantime, decide who loses in this scenario.

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