Friday Fun, or, Why Do Boys Laugh at “Gas Jokes?”

Boys will be boys. Whatever.

I was cruising over at the Pioneer Woman to see if I’d won the pretty, pretty prize and this article on digestive adventures under the Home Schooling tab caught my eye.

It was the usual funny stuff about boys channeling Sir Fartsalot and such, even more so when digestive processing is discussed in a scientific manner, and then when I got to the end, I nearly fell out of my chair. Get Wakko out of my head!

The back of the book closes with a glossary of helpful definitions. Especially that first one.

I think I’ll END on that note.

That first definition triggered a flash-back to me driving the kids about, the Animaniacs tape playing and the hilarious giggles and raspberries from the back seat at the end of this song.

Gets me every time.

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