WyBlog Gets a Big Nod

WyBlog, Featured Blog here at the praxium, has a new gig at Right Wing News.

Now if John Hawkins would just notice me….

Congrats Chris!!

Congrats to Joel Demos, This Week’s TBF Winner!

Congrats to Joel Demos! He is running against Keith Ellison in MN-5. You remember Ellison, right? Pamela sure does. You can donate to Joel here.

Plus he has the cutest kids evah, ‘cept for mine. 🙂

Projectile Projecting

The jokes are beginning to write themselves. Marxist in Chief tries a campaign scare tactic that the GOP will ‘hijack Democracy’ and there will be ‘hand to hand combat’. Remember when Sarah Palin said it was time for conservatives to “reload” and the liberal media went bonkers? Listen to the crickets sing…

Here’s the projectile projecting

Democratic Operatives Attacking Opponent’s Children – Move Along, Nothing to See Here

A few days ago, Stacy posted a lengthy and well-researched article on how Democratic operatives are using Twitter to smear opposing candidates (especially those affiliated with Tea Parties) and attack their children. It’s painful and sickening to read, and to also realize there are actually people out there that would stoop to this type of denigration. (Warning – not safe for little eyes!)

Now in Stacy’s second post on “TwitterGate,” we see that Neal Rauhauser, the self-proclaimed organizer of these coordinated attacks, has cut and run. His guilt is apparent, since he’s protected his Twitter account, shut down others from where the offending tweets originated and circled the wagons of the co-tweeters. Maybe he’s taking his lead from the CinC, who you will remember, “has nothing to hide”, either.

I call on all the Democratic candidates/incumbants who hired this man to kick him, and his organization, to the curb for their disgusting behavior! Prove to your constituents you believe in American values, not this trash.

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