Paint By Numbers, But the Democratic Numbers Keep Changing

Since we are deep in the throes of paint/shovel/paint/shovel/move out/move in, and the Democrats stink of fear so much they need a shower and I can smell them over the paint fumes, indulge my fit of snarkolypse here.

Obama taped a Mythbusters episode. On a subject that was already myth-busted once, so … either Obama couldn’t come up with an original “legend” to be scrutinized (Sound familiar? Like one of his speeches or books?), or the news shows are so sick of him that they changed the locks on the studio doors.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells the immigrants in Germany that “resistance is futile.” Please, please, pass your magic pixie dust to our American dhimmi overlords!

Obama the Miracle Worker. It’s an amazing thing to run up such a bill. And the speed in which he piled up the debt has been truly dizzying. In less than two years, he borrowed as much America borrowed in 214 years. Thomas Jefferson was unavailable for comment.

“This is Armageddon.” No wonder the Dems are sooooo scared. They have their own version of the Mayan Doomsday Calendar – November 2 is the least of their worries. The union goons will be visiting them soon – like the Sopranos reruns during the day, but without all the bleeping bleeps.

Our President is trying to make jokes (again) about things he doesn’t understand (again). Dude. You’ve got it backwards. YOU are the evil Empire and WE are the scrappy Rebels. Really. I can’t even believe I had to tell you that. And hand over that plastic light saber before you hurt yourself.

Gwinnett Named Best Urban School System In US. Gwinnett? Gwinnett County? Urban? REALLY? I wonder what Obi has to say ’bout that!

Or as Gerard says, “Fish. Barrel. Bang.” Too easy.

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