Aliens in Our Own Country

Erick is right, you know.

The most significant truth is that had Juan Williams made his comments about Christians or Jews he would still have his job. The world is at war with Christ and, more generally, the Judeo-Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Islam, derived from a man of this world, and the world are in supernatural alliance against Christ. This is the moment non-believers laugh and believers nod knowingly.

Islamists will cut off your head for drawing a picture of Mohammed, but Sunday School rooms across the nation are plastered with crayon pictures of Jesus. Do you see the blood running out the church door? I didn’t think so.

As children, we were told stories of missionaries and martyrs, who were all vilified, tortured and even murdered for their beliefs. And as children, we marveled that such a thing could happen in our modern world, in bright, shiny, beautiful America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Where daily we were taught fairness and decency and that the Golden Rule applied to everyone. George Washington would never allow such a thing to happen!

Oh, to reclaim the joyful bliss of those years! As adults, now we see the disdain for Christianity every day – on the news, in televised shows, in newspapers, on billboards, on bumper stickers, at the work place, at the courthouse, on the playground and ballfield. If you consider yourself a child of God and follow the teachings of Christ; you are bombarded with ridicule and negativity, smeared by strangers and friends alike. Paul told us this would happen,

12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. (KJV 2 Timothy 3:12)

Paul was right, too, you know.

Angela Merkel is right, too. The German Chancellor announced last week that their national experiment with multicultural tolerance is over. Embrace the Christian values that are the foundation of the German society, or find someplace to live.

However, in America even admitting you are spooked by Muslims on airplanes can get you fired. Juan Williams, formerly of (the National Propaganda Radio), suffered the outrageous twist of logic that while exercising his right to free speech, he spoke against a group that strikes fear into the hearts of all the gateway media and liberal politicians alike. He was deprived not only of his right to speak freely, but also his job. Happily, he was immediately employed by FoxNews and NPR’s federal funding is now on the radar of a certain Congressman (Emphasis Admin).

I hear that Congressman Joe Barton might just make NPR’s firing of Juan Williams an issue next year.

Specifically, I’m told, “It is very likely that this will be a priority for Mr. Barton in the next Congress, should voters trust Republicans with their vote in November.”

A hearing would probably focus on whether taxpayer money is being used to suppress free speech at NPR.

NPR may soon understand that elections have consequences, even those they never expected and that no amount of lame excuse of misspeaking backtracking can undo. NiceDeb has more. The Anchoress has a big round-up. NPR is in the cross-hairs. I say good riddance!

The party in charge hates Christians. The party in charge runs the media, who obediently blares the message. The party in charge wants to reshape America into something more… soviet.

Remember these things as you go to vote.

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  1. October 22, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    When NPR suppresses dissent then free speech is already under attack. This has been the tactic of the left since Saul Alinsky first published his rules for radicals. Mr. Williams spoke of his well reasoned fear of Islamic terror and was fired because he departed from the leftist line.

    As you say, the choices of the left will haunt them come election day.


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