Quote of the Day

Smitty at The Other McCain, on Jim Moran’s (D-VA8) cowardly jab at his opponent Patrick Murray which quickly grows into an insult to our military and veterans, gets the nod for today’s QotD. The whole thing is too good to excerpt, so I’m using it all, except you’ll need to go over and watch the Jim Moran video yourself, follow the other links but mostly to give Smitzy the linky-love he so craves.

What [Republicans] do is that they find candidates – usually stealth candidates – that haven’t been in office, haven’t served or performed any kind of public service. My opponent is typical.

The obvious slam here is the attack on service to the public in the military as somehow not being public service.

However, consider the audience. This is the Arlington County Democratic Committee. The audience in VA-8 isn’t just your garden variety Democrat. Without going too far on a limb, this ACDC likely has an abnormally high representation of Federal bureaucrats and lobbyists. The faceless, unelected, mostly unaccountable twerps who, termite-like, gnaw at the foundations of our liberty.

After denigrating 24 years of honorable military service in the first half, the second half of the clip is more interesting:

And of course, for 24 years, he’s taken a government check because, frankly, the military still is part of the Federal government, uh, and, yet, his principle platform is to cut government spending.

What is the implication here, Moran? That an Army Colonel was on the dole for two and a half decades, and is somehow biting the hand that feeds? Showing ingratitude toward his Ruling Class elite betters, i.e. you? Should Patrick Murray have simply taken a job with one of PMA’s clients, and got on the ‘beltway bandit’ gravy train? Would that have made his interest in supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States less odious to you, assuming proper campaign contributions?

Jim Moran acts like a status quo fat cat. The sort of elite, aristocratic snob who, 235 years ago, would like have supported King George III against the American Revolution. The kind of dead wood Democrat who needs to go on 02 November. The kind of patronage-loving upper class boob who supports every atrocious, economy-wrecking policy that the Gnomes of Capitol Hill crank out by the ream.

Tying Moran’s broad way to destruction with his audience, ACDC, we’ll end this rant with a video about where the ideas of Moran, Nancy Pelosi, and this Administration will lead this country, if we don’t elect leaders like Patrick Murray and retire Jim Moran:

In eleven days, if the Dems don’t lose enough seats to lose control of at least the House, we are on a highway to hell indeed.


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