So now what?

We take a deep breath and survey the landscape. Many great things transpired last night, but there were some disappointments. We need to learn from the mistakes and problems encountered and figure out how to get more reliable and believable polling information. Analyze everything and figure out how to do it better. Even though the Senate wasn’t won outright, it is much more manageable by the GOP. They must remember the values of the conservative wave that put them back on top, the same values they campaigned upon, are what will right the nation. The minute they turn their backs on us, we’ll know and they can start packing their bags.

First thing, we map out prospects for 2012, and concentrate on turning all the state houses red.

You can just feel the joy in the air. It’s almost like Christmas!

In the meantime, pop some popcorn and enjoy the bickering.

Too Much Work Bandwidth Suckage

Sigh. All this election stuff, and I’m bogged down with TOO.MUCH.WORK.

As an aside, sometimes I just crack myself up. While digging for nuggets of wisdom in the praxeum’s cavernous archives (the reason why, well, you’ll just have to wait to find out!), I came across this zinger:

Sometimes the stupidity of people just stupefies me.

Take some time to celebrate. Then we’ll be getting down to the business of taking America back!

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