Which Big Right Sites Do You Read?

Dan Collins at POWIP wants to know. Don’t know why, maybe he’s just being nosy. Or maybe he is going to come up with some insightful analysis. Head on over and let him know.

The comments are especially interesting in that I thought it was just me not liking site with multiple jumpy things.

Red Meat: Christie vs Gregory

New Jersey Governor calls out Meet the Press host Dick Gregory for advocating Democratic legislation.

Part of the fight to take back America includes dealing with the state-run media. If Governor Christie keeps this up, people may ask him to run for President. Oh wait… that’s already happening, so this will only add to the din!

MSNBC Diddling With the Dictionary

Well, evidently in Ober-MSNBC-land, indefinitely just means until Tuesday.

The jokes keep writing themselves.

Outbound Governor Perdue Announces New Facility in GA

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