And There Was No Joy in Geekville

The Board of Regents has approved the requests from UGA and GaSouthern to add engineering schools.



The controversial proposal angered Georgia Tech officials, who say the state shouldn’t duplicate programs when it already has a campus dedicated almost entirely to engineering. The proposal even drew fire from Gov. Sonny Perdue, who spoke at the board meeting last month and urged the regents to move more slowly on starting expensive new programs.

But UGA President Michael Adams said the engineering program will help provide the state with more workers and draw more federal research dollars to the campus. He said the program can be started with existing money and will be phased in over five years.

“Ultimately, it’s what’s best for the state,” Adams said after the meeting. “It’s best that a research university have this option.”

For once, I agree with Michael Adams (yes, I know, don’t faint!). And as soon as they are available, I will definitely add a “UGA School of Engineering” t-shirt to my collection of Dawgly apparel.

Congrats to The Other McCain!

This morning The Other McCain crossed 5,000,000 hits. Not bad for a Lithia Springs boy…

No Wonder Obama Vamoosed Outta Town

(h/t POWIP) It appears that it’s becoming harder and harder for Democrats to keep a lid on the corruptions bubbling out of Chicago. The tip of the iceberg (Blago) is turning into multiple, serious scandals.

Are there a set of dominoes ready to fall, starting from the White House and ending in the corrupt Chicago politics? And will senior Democrats, desperate to stop the implosion of their party at the hands of this administration, be the ones who start tipping those dominoes? It is often forgotten that Nixon’s fall was preceded by senior Republicans turning on him, willing to support and drive Congressional investigations. Is history about to repeat itself, this time around the selling of a Senate seat?

And props to Joel Pollak, who might have lost his bid for Congress but just might have had a hand in the impending implosion.

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