Guilty, Food, Crooks, Junk, Ambush, Nannified

What an interesting collection of words. Only on the internetz can you have such wondrous variety.

Rotten to the core Rep. Charlie Rangel is Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! What a big surprise.

The overbearing government nanny is messing with our food. If they can’t kill us with their health care reform, then they’ll just starve us to death.

Crooks to the left of me, crooks to the right. Mr. Travis, Esq., is quite quoteworthy:

“It’s not a bad defense given how woeful Auburn’s options are, but it’s a desperate one that is doomed to fail. Why? Because if accepted, the defense would open up a hole in the NCAA rulebook that you could drive a Brink’s truck full of cash through. If the NCAA accepts this defense to its bylaws, it would mean that any recruit’s family was free to shake down the schools that were recruiting him so long as the family claimed the recruit was unaware of it and the player didn’t end up attending the school.”

The overbearing government pervert wants in your pants before you can get on that plane to see your grandkids for the holidays.

Rising Republican star attacked by … wait for it … leftist hack with an agenda.

That pompous government nanny wants to disable your cell phone when you’re in your car, for safety’s sake of course. What if you are in an accident and need to call 911? Too bad. According to the nanny’s economically stifling playbook , you’re supposed to die, die, DIE – and preemptively get off the overreaching and useless government health care you will be forced to buy next year.

UPDATE: More from Mr. Clay Travis, Esq., vis Get The Picture. And Finebaum.

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