Ethics, Schmethics!

Evidently the pathetic Charlie Rangel hand-slap was just the warm up band.

…the House Ethics Committee suddenly postponed the trial of Maxine Waters on ethics violation because it found more evidence of direct intervention by her office to benefit the bank in which her husband owned a substantial interest. According to new e-mails uncovered by the committee, her chief of staff directly coordinated with other members of the House Financial Services Committee on behalf of OneUnited.

Why “suddenly postpone?” To circle the wagons? This trial could have a domino effect, further weakening the Democratic party.

Waters may not be the only Democrat in trouble if this is true. The e-mails used loaded but generic terms like “small bank language,” a code for the known interest Waters had in OneUnited. After all, Waters had already discussed her interest in the bank with Frank, and the nudge would be unmistakable. Everyone on that committee knew that the “small bank” that held the most interest for Waters was the small bank in which her family held so much interest.

That opens up questions about the ethics not just of Waters but of those committee members who cooperated with Moore and his pleas for “small bank” assistance. OneUnited ended up with millions in TARP money, and unlike other applicants, got to count that cash among its assets before actually receiving the money. The preferential treatment the bank received — unique among over 700 applicants for TARP money — seems oddly coincidental to Waters’ status and the newly exposed machinations of Moore on her behalf.

Seems to me that the Democrats would want to rush the trial, while they still have a majority in Congress, so Maxine can get her ceremonial hand-slap as well.

Pop the popcorn. This is going to get interesting!


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  1. November 22, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    […] more here: Ethics, Schmethics! « Obi's Sister Comments […]

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