C.S. Lewis is just a children’s author. Who knew?

MSNBC is the gift that just keeps on giving. Via Cubachi

I don’t know if I should expect any better from ignoramuses from MSNBC, but this is supposedly a “respectable news organization” with shallow and arrogant individuals who only live to ridicule and belittle without thinking.

The latest bit of controversy, is Chris Matthews and his guest, Richard Wolffe who ridicule Sarah Palin for mentioning C.S. Lewis as one of her favorite authors, whom she seeks to get divine inspiration from.

Wolffe seems to think it is clever to mock Palin reading a “children’s author,” while disrespecting one of the greatest authors in literature. Yes, C.S. Lewis is most famous among the pop culture crowd with the movies and sudden ressurgance of The Chronicles of Narnia, which happens to be an allegorical tale of Jesus Christ, who became a human being, and gave His life to save undeserving human beings from the penalty of sin.

She goes on to mention The Screwtape Letters, Lewis’ brilliant presentation of letters between demons, discussing how best to corrupt one mortal man. Certainly not the stuff of bedtime stories, unless you want to provoke nightmares. But MSNBC has that effect on most thinking people.

Evidently, they didn’t cover Mere Christianity or The Four Loves when Wolffe himself was attending Oxford, where Lewis was both an alumnus and a distinguished faculty member for over thirty years.

And MSNBC wonders why no one takes them seriously. With or without Olbermann. Really.

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