Ice 1, Atlanta 0

North Georgia had an ice storm last night. Not enough precip for a Yankee to sneeze at, but when the ground has been uncharacteristically frozen for a week, well, it doesn’t take much.

According to this morning’s news (WSB), there were around 900 over 1000 accidents in N GA/Atlanta metro last night. 300 350 or so were in Cobb County. One of those was my boy. That’s the one that matters. College Boy has a new found appreciation of (not) driving on icy roads and of listening to his parents/girlfriend’s parents/every adult within earshot’s admonitions of staying put during bad weather. He is fine, just a few scratches. Sweet Girlfriend has a bump on her head. The verdict is still out on his car.

As for me, well, there goes another five years off my life. Between him and his sister, I must be nearing my expiration date.

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