Wait Wait Wait, Ooooooh Wait, LOOK AT THIS. I can’t believe it!

The eldest, our College Grad, in an thinly-veiled but obviously gleeful effort to embarrass me and her aunts and anyone else in a twenty mile radius who might have had uber-stylish ’80’s ’90’s (even worse!) hairstyles and hip, super-trendy clothes, posted some of her childhood pictures on Facebook. No, no link, because, well, just because. Ick.

However, imagine my shock and surprise to see one of them was a Christmas snapshot. Of him. I mean HIM. Yes, HIM.

Yes, HIM. The best Santa EVER.

Every year we went back. He remembered us and when little brother came along, he would be instructed by her what to say and how to act. He was HER Santa and therefore, completely in charge. It was the highlight of our Christmas season.

God bless us, every one. Even you, Sweet College GradGirl. You have restored to us a treasure that has long been lost.

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