If the pot recognizes the kettle for what it is, does that make the kettle paranoid that the pot is on to it?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy saw the writing on the wall back in the spring when he warned that Obama was leading America down the slippery slope of socialism, along with a variety of other ills.

It’s getting pretty obvious when even the Russian media notices that America is being pushed to a more, shall we say, collective way of thinking?

Do you want to be pushed like that? Do you want your children or grandchildren to grow up in a free society or in a socialist utopia? Remember Lara’s daughter in Dr. Zhivago – such a beautiful child, spouting communist propaganda to each of Yuri’s questions. Do you want that in your future?

Just because the 112th Congress convened yesterday doesn’t mean we’re safe, that we’re out of the woods yet. Don’t let your guard down one second – the so-called progressives are still fighting against conservative values and the American dream. Don’t let them win.

Start local. After almost five years of ranting here in the ether, I’m planning on attending the county GOP meeting this Saturday. Who knows what will happen. But I’ll be there to let them know I’m holding them accountable.

Who’s with me?

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