Prayers for the Victims of the Arizona Shootings

Today I was out of pocket most of the day – attending my county’s GOP meeting, running errands, and getting College Boy bundled out the door and back to campus before the storm of the century buries us all.

Then I heard the shocking news about the shootings in Arizona. I won’t try to reproduce the good work done this afternoon, but will instead concentrate on prayer for all involved. Check out these sites for superb round-ups:

Michelle Malkin
The Other McCain
Gateway Pundit

The Tuscon Citizen reports that the shooter may have had help.

Right on cue, the left starts shouting incoherently, looking for an angle to smear their enemies. Get over yourselves. What is needed now is cooler heads, not partisan sniping. These are real people, and real families whose lives have been changed forever. They deserve our compassion, respect and most of all, our prayers.

So pray tonight for the fallen, the injured, the families, Arizona and America. And for those who wish us all dead.

Photo: AP

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