My First County GOP Meeting

The Douglas County, Georgia GOP held its first meeting of 2011 on Saturday. I attended for the very first time. After the news hit of the massacre in Arizona, I decided this post could wait until Monday.

Important dates for Georgia Republicans:
Precinct Mass Meetings – Feb. 12 & March 12
County Conventions – March 12
District Convention – April 16
State Convention – May 13-15

The Honorable James “Eddie” Barker, Judge of the Douglas County State Court, gave an engaging talk on his background, playing baseball, growing up in Douglas County and his recent appointment to the bench by Governor Sonny Perdue.

During the Q&A period, redistricting was the top concern. While the county is split between two US Representatives, at the state level it is carved up like a Christmas ham. Douglas County’s only state Senator doesn’t live in the county and of the six state representatives for Douglas, only one actually lives in the county. We deserve better.

I’m heeding ColdWarrior’s advice to get involved at the ground level. Do the same in your county!

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