There’s a reason I have a category for “Stuff I’m Tired Of”

The attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s life and accompanying murders/injuries on Saturday shows just how fractured our national psyche has become. The self-same media that warned us not to judge the Ft. Hood shooter jumped on this like a hungry dog. Shame on them.

The Brits get it. Regular (read non-elite) Americans get it. Most also believe the Arizona sheriff is hiding possible negligence in his department. Why else would he be spouting such a wide variety of conspiracy theories?

Michelle Malkin has a one-stop primer on the left’s hate we have to put up with.

People are grieving here. Get over yourselves.

Like I said, “Stuff I’m Tired Of.”

UPDATE: More from Moe Lane.

UPDATE II: Dr. Melissa Clothier voices my concern exactly!

Now, here’s the thing about the lefties jumping in…they know better. They know how the media cycle works and they want to drive a narrative a certain direction because their lens is purely political. This is not the first time they’ve seized the crisis– Time’s Square, the Holocaust Museum shooter, the DC sniper and on and on–were all falsely tied to conservative ideology.

Normal people feel the pain, horror and fear of these events. It cuts across partisan lines.

It’s wrong. It’s shameful. These actions deprive Americans of a normal shock – sadness – anger – resolution cycle. They stunt our emotional I.Q. nationally. And yes, the Leftists contributed to the poisoned political environment they ostensibly despise. They created cynicism in a moment of pure human sorrow.

It’s another subtle way the culture gets degraded just a bit more and the greater truth of love and life and loss gets buried in a sea of petty calumny.

Read the whole thing.


What’s a snowed-in Jedi do when there is no way out the driveway and the interstates are closed? Pull out the Legos, of course! Luke Thornton has the right idea.

“Hothlanta” is a more appropriate nickname for Atlanta than the tired, old has-been “Hotlanta.” Hotlanta conjures up visions of the BeeGee’s in tight polyester shirts, even tighter pants and platform shoes. Muddled memories of dancing on the speakers at The Limelight and other such activities that shouldn’t be repeated around little ears are all tangled up in the Hotlanta name. It’s best to close that door and embrace our new reality.

Al Gore has bought a condo in Midtown and cursed us all. He collected the discarded silverware at the Wild Hog Supper and plans to use the harvested DNA for his nefarious purposes. He’s building a secret clone army in the basement of the Cheetah.

And, he’s the one who put the english peas in the brunswick stew at the Wild Hog Supper. Oh, the horror!

As you can tell, I have a touch of cabin fevah.

For more geeky Star Wars fun, check out the rest of Luke’s pictures on Facebook.

Impressive. Most impressive.

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