Oh the Sadness – Royal Marshall is Gone

Royal Marshall, one of the producers of the Neal Boortz radio show, passed away unexpectedly Saturday. Royal was one of those lucky folks, on the list of “friends I’d not met yet.” But after of years of listening to him, on his own show, and as Neal’s sidekick and sometimes the voice of reason, he was always a part of my day. His wit just sparkled though the speakers.

“He had an easy way with people and was very comfortable with the mic,” said Jamie Bendall, who owns The Punchline comedy club. “I thought he was a natural.”

Mr. Boortz and Ms. [Belinda] Skelton were still emotional, finding it hard to speak of their friend even hours after his death.

“My heart is just completely broken,” Mr. Boortz, weeping, said when he called in to speak on a special radio show Saturday afternoon to memorialize Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Boortz said he told his wife, ‘Darn it, I loved him like a brother.’”

She replied, “ ‘You loved him like a son. He was like a son to you that you never had.’”

I can only feel a deep sadness for the loss. He leaves behind a wife and two very young daughters.

Neal will speak at the funeral.

Boo got shot is classic Royal. More comments/memories at PeachPundit.


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