Ethics, Schmethics

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, was a guest on a lobbyist-funded $17,000 European trip over Thanksgiving.

Last year, the same Georgia House Speaker David Ralston sponsored the first ethics legislation in several years. He favors that lobbyists report what they spend on legislators, but without a limit. New rules proposed this session by ethics watchdogs limit lobbyist gifts to lawmakers to $100.

There’s a big gap between $100 and $17,000. Talk about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

As for me, we spent Thanksgiving at home, feasting on a bird we purchased on sale at Publix. With a coupon. Thanks for asking.

Boy, I’m in the wrong business.

UConn First Out of the Gate

Oh my. UConn is first out of the gate for EDSBS’s annual off-season Fulmer Cup. Running back, misdemeanor possession. N(ever)SFW, ever.

My dearest wish for the long, boring Siberia we all face until September 3, is that the Dawgs stay off the big board as much as possible.

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